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18th-Oct-2008 03:31 am - Hatha Yoga Community
Namaste dear yogis & yoginis all over the World!
Welcome to:


Hatha Yoga of All Styles & Traditions
Intellectual Community
11th-Jun-2007 07:13 pm - new layout!
be free
this place is sorta dead so I made a new layout and all and maybe we can liven it up over the next few weeks. :)

anyone wanna introduce themselves?
I'm the moderator and I'm 26, disabled and use *some* yoga to keep my muscles from atrophying. I can't do all the poses as I have trouble with standing/balance but I do okay with mat exercises. I tend to do more pilates than yoga though.
5th-Jul-2006 08:44 am - anybody here
Does anyone ever post to this? just hoping to chat with other beginners. ANybody out there?
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